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Automagic Watermark

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About Aquamark

Once you share an image online, you have no control over it. Those who create the content the rest of us enjoy deserve acknowledgement. Aquamark ensures that everyone that receives a copy of a picture knows who created it, no matter where they got it.

I originally made Aquamark for my mother. She is an artist who paints all sorts of lovely stuff, but doesn't care much for computers. The times being what they are, she decided to share some of her paintings through social media, bringing about the need for a powerful, yet easy to use watermark app.

I, on the other hand, love computers and programming.

And so, Aquamark was born.
Doing what I love, for someone I love.

She loved it, and I hope you will too!

Check out my mother's Facebook page for her studio. There, you'll get to see the amazing stuff she does, and plenty of examples of Aquamark'd images :)

Tice Art Studio on Facebook


Automagic Mode

Using Automagic Mode, creating beautiful watermarked copies of a thousand images is as easy as dragging and dropping them onto Aquamark.

You just write your message, select your font, and that's it!

This is made possible by the sophisticated algorithms specially developed for Aquamark that fully automate the process

Aquamark analyzes each of the images to determine how the watermark should be positioned, how transparent it should be, etc.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode gives you more control over how you want to write text onto your images.

Using the intuitive interface, you can control where you want your message to appear, how large it should be, how visible it should be, etc.

Using Manual Mode, Aquamark does more than just watermark images. You can also use it to write personal messages onto your photos.


If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions please contact me at

I look forward to receiving feedback.
Just tell me how I can make Aquamark better for you.


Twitter @oralokan